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August 28, 2006



Oooooh, you're into World Market Cost Plus...don't get me started on that place.

Baby when I finally finally settle down somewhere permanently, I'm buying ALL of my furniture there. And my dishes.

I have a coffee table from them and on occasion I have hugged it. Until the sharp corners jab into my face a little too hard and I have to let go.

Nice selection of wines, as well.


Monkey - I love World Market!!! I saw a sofa I really like that seems to pass the "will cat puke come off of this" test.

Usually I buy the gingersnaps if they have them, Twinings Green Tea with Jasmine (the British kind, which for some reason is cheaper than the American variety at the grocery store), Korean grape-flavored gummy candies and, of course, wine. The only reason I haven't furnished my house with their stuff is that my house was already furnished before they opened. However, I am due for new living room furniture soon...


I like their stuff because it's Pier 1/Bombay Company-esque but way cheaper.

I think I'm actually going to collect their stuff piece-by-piece.

I think my march archives might have a pic of the coffee table I purchased...I think it was like %175, 65% off on sale or something.

They had a pre-made table out front on heavy heavy discount because it was a floor model with a nick but someone snatched it up before I could get to it. I like the cream coloured couch and the brown leather club hairs.

The sales are really good, I probably wouldn't buy full price from them but my genes die hard. I don't buy full price for anything!


I love those thin gingersnaps!!! And they are the best with ice cream. If you want real decadence, make them into whipped cream sandwiches.

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