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August 02, 2006



Dammit! How could I have missed Wet T-Shirt Jane?!

Seriously, you were positively delightful. Cracked me up. From what I can remember, I mean. ;)


You are right that picture of you is better than the one Cagey posted. I now know what you look like HAHAHAHAHAHA! You definitely look like you can pull off the heavy metal look for your band (I mean that as a complement).


Blogher sounds like so much fun! I love that you jumped in the pool with your clothes on. Rock on!

Nice to see a photo of you, too! What made you decide to finally show your face? It seems like a lot of bloggers I read who had previously not ever posted photos of themselves have done so in the past couple of weeks. Like maybe six or seven people. Is there something in the air?


It was a complete delight to meet you this year! Oh wait.. I didn't add you to my bonus list.. must go do that.

Next year, Chicago. Pizza, bbq, humidity and fabulous architecture. I can't wait.

And why we're "outing" our faces? I'm guessing we all figured Flickr would "out" us one way or 'tother...


"Jumped", puhleze - my sources tell me that you did a perfect somersault into the water. I can't even tell you how much money I'd pay for that video!


Can I have the bib or did Arun already call dibs?


Sorry monkey, I gave it away to one of the many pregnant women at the baby farm I call my office.


Well, next time you get some free diaper rash cream don't forget about me.


hey, name-twin--it was a treat meeting you at last. and i'm in awe of your ability to hit the road blogging...

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