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August 14, 2006



Have you checked out Zoot's designs? She has some free ones and she is very reasonable when she charges. Or, actually, she didn't charge me and I forced her to take something from me. www.misszoot.com


Going back to MAC huh? My Pastor would be delighted to hear that. He hates, detests and abhors IBMs and other PCs. "Macs are wonderful. Death to the IBM/PC." Is his favorite quote. He's really a funny guy.

Hope the switch goes well! :)


Amazing how I ever lived before Bloglines. Ugh. And you've got me beat on the number of feeds. I thought I was insane with 121.


A long time ago I was having dinner with a bunch of graphic designer friends. They were talking about old friends, one of whom had moved to Seattle.

"What is he doing?" someone said.
"Uh, he...uh...went to work for..."(the way they said it gave them away."
"No!" gasped my friend Brian. "Microsoft? NOT THE DARK SIDE!"


Did NOT know you had surgery . . . hope all is well. Additionally, good wishes to you on your new blog. I'm sure you'll find your time even more at a premium upkeeping two blogs . . . but maybe not.

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