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July 21, 2006



One of the good things about Illinois is that you can renew your license through the mail. Registration too. The only bad thing is you are stuck with the same picture for 8 years and a new sticker every 4 for the back of the old license.


Our license run out every 5 years in TN. We have the option of getting a sticker instead of getting a new photo every other renewal. And ours are made on the spot when we get the photo taken.

Goofy Girl

1. Uh-oh....okay. Whew. You just made me check my license. I have six months in which to primp.

2. Dilana should win. She's the only with who can sing AND has a personality AND just ignored Tommy's crap. My two cents...

3. Love the snark! Bring it on!

Elisa Camahort

Oh, Jane, I hope you're reading my Rockstar recaps every week over at my personal blog! I'm so excited to find someone else who's watching this besides my SO and me :)

I am a Dilana fan. And I have yet to include in my recaps exactly how skeevy Tommy Lee, but seriously dude, you are wearing your dysfunction on your suh-leeve!


I had to get my current license photo done at the last second because I waited until lunchtime on the day before I left for a trip to Las Vegas to realize I'd need a valid ID to fly, drink, and gamble.

There wasn't any time for primping, so I while I was in line I tried to counteract my greasy hair and atrocious shirt by applying way too much lipstick. That was eight years ago. I am so tired of looking at that stupid thing.

Keith of Recycled Electrons

I hadn't realized I'd missed renewing my licence about this time last year (happy birthday - mine is in a week :) ) when I went to the airport to pick up my cousin's son who was staying a week. Security is not happy when your government ID is expired. I had to go through the extended shake-down at the security area. It wasn't so bad. Just ironic that I never get flagged when flying, but got stuck with extra screening when I wasn't flying! :)

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