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July 20, 2006



OOOO! Good luck! I was out sick last week with one of the nastiest flu type sicknesses since the Mono illness of '99! Good luck at Blogher also! Sounds like a blast!


Good Luck! I think I have some kind of inner-ear problem.

I love to take people like you to karaoke. It is like bringing a ringer to a softball game.

Do they make karaoke collections that don't have a little 'Who Made Who'?


Well, having just endured an evening of karaoke and combed the book for something I might possibly be able to sing, I can tell you that there will probably be some Zeppelin tunes available. Don't know about AC/DC.

Weirdly, there was no Van Halen. They must refuse to release the licensing for their songs--can't blame them.

Anyway, I'm sure that whatever you pick will go over well, since you actually know how to sing--that will be a novelty for the crowd.


Good luck. And other happy things. :)


Oh, hang on Jane. Why is it when you have something important coming up....that't often when you're most vulnerable. Keep some Zync lozengers handy sweetie....

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