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June 22, 2006



You'll be fabulous, no worries. They chose you because you will truly be a good leader for the group - they're a bunch of smart cookies, as you know. And congratulations to you, prez!


You should have sung your speech.


Thanks for mentioning this organisation, Jane. I've been looking for something to get involved with such that I don't spend every weekend hunched over my stove making cheese and this might be the ticket.


me - Aw, go on. No really, go on!

AWE - That occurred to me as I was bombing, and holding a wireless microphone in my hand.

monkey - I definitely recommend that you check out your local Soroptimist club. The organization in general can use all the younger member it can get, and it's really a satisfying way to give back to the community and meet an interesting variety of women.

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