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June 06, 2006


Kelli (aka Prahagirl)

I'm split down the middle with mustaches. I don't always like them on guys, but others look wierd without them. My father has had a mustache everyday of my life (except for a brief time in my childhood that lasted maybe a summer) and he just wouldn't look my Dad without it. It all depends on the guy...so my vote would have to be I like'em but I don't. :) Didn't really answer the question huh? :)

The Misanthrope

About a month ago I would never have known who "The Dread Pirate Roberts" was. But, I just finished the book and rented the movie. I loved the book, but not so much the movie. The movie was rather cheaply done. It reminded me of the old Frank Zappa song "A Little More Cheapness."


I am currently sporting the Foggy Mountain Breakdown, but I have a shaved head.

I think I look funny without, at least, a mustache.


"so he decided that a mustache would help butch things up." hahahaha

I also liked "facial topiary". hahaha


I can totally grow a 'stache.


I like facial hair on guys, but not everyone can pull it off. Those that can, should. Those that can't should know better!

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