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June 15, 2006



No! not at all. You have a lot of work ahead of you. Thinking about the reward at the end might be motivation enough to get you through.
Have Fun! I'm sure your guests will.


Whenever I invite a lot of people over I immediately start to dread it and wish I could take the whole thing back. It usually doesn't seem worth it until an hour or so into the party, after everyone's settled and I've had a few drinks myself. Have lots of fun!


Not one bit...I look forward to sleeping in each morning (until August that is) as it doesn't matter when I go to school. Sounds like you will have a fabulous party. Kudos to you, Very Brave Jane. :)


I am with Joolie. When I invite people over I regret it until the event starts. I put so much into planning that it wears me down. Good luck, you will make it through.


You should have the cleaning woman come after the party...that's when you'll need her!


*sigh* Your party sounds awesome and actually makes me long for the days of school when stuff like this was de rigeur.

I can't wait till I move out of L.A and back someplace where I can make friends. When I lived in the Midwest I was all set to leave it. Now I remember that it IS friendlier and easier to meet people out there. Then again, it might not be L.A. but the circumstances of my fogey-centric job and the fact that I'm uninclined to be pushy and shy about making friends to begin with.

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