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June 13, 2006


Troy Worman

Life is good! Last night I painted a bathroom and this morning I drove through the front-end of a tropical storm. Now, I'm thinking about having a breakfast burrito. Tonight, after I put the kids to bed, I will paint baseboards.


Rottweiler roaming loose in our neighborhood last night. Not a good sight for parents with kids outside.


I love Deadwood too Jane....couldn't wait for it to come back. Now, I'm getting things ready to go to Boston to see my grandkids...a much anticipated trip.


I watched the Lewis Black special last night too! I DIED! It was freakin' HYSTERICAL!


I am mowing the yard when I get home from work then I am hitting the couch for the night.


Whiplash is not nearly as fun to HAVE as it is to SAY. Sounds like you had a good evening, though!

Last night we watched some of Hell's Kitchen and I wondered why people would try out to be an executive chef if they didn't even know what mirepoix was.

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