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June 30, 2006


Stacie Penney

It's a very similar situation at my house too. I like your plan for the weekend, though. Chocolate Martinis anyone?


Ooh, chocolate martinis would be nice!


Being a grown-up sucks...a chocolate martini is the nectar of the gods. First round on me!

Keith Povall

As for the money situation jane, been there, got the T shirt etc... You could always learn to make soup then open a brothel...

Have a nice weekend kid.


Keith - Delightful suggestion! But I thought that was YOUR ambition. ;)


I decided to give up being a responsible adult today too. PB&J, afternoon naps and mom fixing dinner to everyone! I'd totally be down with the chocolate martinis too - you know how I love them - except that I can't right now (sob!). Drink a pitcher for me!

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