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June 07, 2006



I think my dryer eats most of my socks.


I'm the same way with my socks an so is my sister-in-law. Maybe it's just women.


I'd do the same as you except one of my cats eats holes in my socks to the point where they are just not worth fixing. I can't even put the dirty ones in a laundry basket or hamper because the cat will dig through and find them and eat them (of course, he'll only eat ONE of a pair). I put them in a drawstring bag and hang it on my closet door handle.


I'm such a domestic moron - I would have no idea how to darn a sock, even if I had a silly putty egg. I'm all in the "if there's a hole, it's a rag" school of thought.


The last time I read about darning a sock it was when Darell was in trouble at Malory Towers and she had to darn loads of socks for Matron.

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