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May 05, 2006



Ugh. I have had this same experience at a restuarant before . . . however, being naive, didn't even think that it was b/c the waiter forgot to put in our order! So, that is what happened!?! Grrrrrrr. Oh well. . . I was nice about it too - no point in being snippy, it gets you nowhere (other than probably a little extra something added to your food!)....


My daughter and I went to one of your favorite places. After ordering, we waited..and waited.. and waited--inquired and waited a bit more. She never got her soup and when the entree arrived, hers was wrong. We had to ask for the meal to go. This experience tainted food establishment visits for the next 3 visits to various vendors... all involving service-or lack thereof. I'm done--for awhile.

Stacie Penney

At least the manager made up for it. All too often they don't care either.

The Misanthrope

That has happened many myriad times to minorities going into establishments that didn't want them. Either your waiter didn't like you or he was an idiot.


I think the whole thing boiled down to waiter incompetence and indifference.


Kudos to you for keeping your cool and getting your meal on the house. And by alerting the manager directly, hopefully you'll save someone else from rotten service. At least you adn your sister had the guac to keep you busy.


I have 2 experiences like that. First, I was out to Sunday breakfast with my whole family (I was about 12) and the waitress took my order (a ham-and-cheese omelet, btw), then proceeded to take it again because she had already forgotten what I'd said before she could write it down. Then she brought everyone else their meals and looked blankly at me, asking what I'd ordered. Sheesh.

Then another time (not sure when this happened, but it was around the same time, or maybe a few years earlier), we stopped at a little diner in Dixon, IL. My sister and I had asked for the McDonald's we passed, but my parents nixed that idea in favor of this little hole-in-the-wall. A waitress led us to a booth and poured my dad some coffee, and then the next thing we knew she was walking past us with her coat and purse, and left. We sat there for another 10 or 15 minutes waiting to see ANYONE else, but no one was visible. Finally, my dad dropped a dollar on the table and we left (and guess where we ended up??). Bizarre.

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