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May 31, 2006



I liked the fraud story since that just happened to me about a month ago.


That floor is AWESOME!


That floor is really awesome but if you ever want to sell the house you'll get lots of turned up noses. I know this because I used to watch tons of Home and Garden TV over the summer and I got into this really awesome show hosted by a reedy looking woman named "Suzanne Wong" where homeowners would go look at 3 houses and then choose one. The non-plank wood floors always set off a litany of complaints.


Monkey - With just the two of us, I doubt we'll ever sell our house unless we suddenly strike it rich...and if we're that rich, we can afford to take a little hit on the sale price of the house if someone thinks the puzzle floor looks worse in our guest room than the hideous purple carpet that's in there now!

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