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May 04, 2006



Oh you've got some good addictions Jane. Sopranos is one of mine too.
And...I can hardly wait for Deadwood to return....love that series and Ian McShane is "the man." Here's my other "must sees"...
Boston Legal(love Spader and Shatner...the best)
The Apprentice (but I think that's on it's way out...thank God)
American Idol (I never intended for that to happen)
ER (Still...after all these years)
West Wing (Boo Hoo...it's leaving for good in a couple of weeks)
Grey's Anatomy (love that show and Patrick Dempsey)
Desperate Housewives (but won't die if I miss it...not THAT desperate)

I think that's basically it....it's enough.

The Misanthrope

Weeds is a great on Showtime (I believe the first season is out on DVD). I am surprised Rome is coming back. I gave up on that one. Deadwood, I like, but I hope there is more action this season.

Big Love has really grown on me (no pun intended, and probably none taken, but I like to cover all bases)


I haven't ventured into the Tivo market yet. I have been thinking about it.

How many shows do they usually hold?


AWE - Our TiVo will get pretty much all the shows on my list without threatening to delete the old ones before we've had a chance to watch them. I think they have much bigger hard drives now.

Goofy Girl

I'm jumping on the new trend that CBS has started: CBS On-Demand. I watch my weekly Survivor episode whenever the hell I want to (usually late at night when everything has quieted down). Yes, I have to watch it on my PC, but there's no commercials and the quality is really quite good. It's 99 cents per episode, so it's still cheap entertainment. The bummer is: I think Survivor is the only show they are doing with with...so far.


Man do I LOVE my Tivo! What did I ever do before it? My life is defined by B.T. and A.T. How sad is that? Anyway...where does Joy live? We're going to have to start hanging out together because we watch 96% the same stuff!


No Tivo or DVR but ON Demand is my new best friend. I too, tried not to get hooked by another show and then along came WEEDS and Huff--Although, I liked Huff better last season.
My top 10--in no particular order: West Wing--(boo hoo), Sopranos, Weeds, The Wire, Grey's Anatomy, heck yea ER, Law & Order: SVU, Cold Case, Huff and Law & Order: Criminal Intent. Honorable mentions to The Closer and Big Love--I watch way too much TV--but I don't smoke or dri...well, I don't smoke.


Yeah, I love my dual-receiver DVR. Now that I have a kid who is quite lively in the evenings, I wouldn't get to watch much TV otherwise. The Sopranos is the only show I watch somewhat "live" and even then, I am usually a good 20-30 minutes behind the actual broadcast.

Apparently, Veronica Mars is lagging in the ratings. If it doesn't get renewed, I am going to be FURIOUS. That's one of the best shows going.


Our favs are very similiar! Except, I don't get HBO, so no Sopranos for me. However, I would have add "Bones" to that list. I am loving that show. I had read all the books the show is "loosely" based on, so I was excited for it from the very beginning. But it's even better than I expected!

And I agree - thank god for DVRs!

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