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April 11, 2006



It might seem weird now Jane, but it looks like a wonderful memory from your past. Your dad was pretty inventive...I think it's cool.


Joy - I'm only making fun of it a *little* bit. In fact, I talked to my dad about it before I wrote the post and he said, "Yes, our lifestyle was pretty rustic back then."

It was a pretty ingenious thing for my dad to do, actually. In retrospect, I'll bet the tarp was actually a real swimming pool liner.


Seeing your pic reminds me of our pool and how much it rocked!

My dad also made us a homemade swimming pool. It involves a lot of sheets of plywood, some 2x4 braces, cabling to keep it all together, hand cust pieces of PVC pipe to hold the liner in place and a lot of work. But it was the best pool ever. :)


Lucky YOU! I grew up with a POND.

My younger brother and sister grew up with a huge round horsetank which is still there TODAY in their backyard in Lawrence. On Sunday, my dad was talking about cleaning it out for the grandkids and I was thinking "NO WAY is my precious baby getting in that thing!". :-)


Funny how you look at things you did as a kid and wonder, "What was I thinking?"


This was the beauty of the 70's. You could put a makeshift pool in your yard and be the envy of the neighborhood kids. Can you imagine trying to get away with this now in a "planned community"? The homeowners association would have a stroke! Think of all of the fun you would have missed.


annie - Admittedly, we lived "out in the country" on 13 acres, so the closest neighbor probably never ever noticed our makeshift pool in the front yard. All that vegetation you see behind the pool is the fenceline of the neighbor's pasture.


We had something rather similar. I think it was made from a pool-table cover and wasn't as large as yours. Jeez! It got really gross, just as you describe. Of course, we thought it pretty darn cool.

You're so right about all the dangerous stuff that we were allowed to do when we were kids. Bike helmets? Who ever heard of that? Child seats in cars? Huh?


You were lucky - we'd wait for the irrigation system to come 'round to where it hit our backyard & went out and played in it. Of course, there were certain months we couldn't use our giant sprinkler due to weed killer added to the water, but as a kid that never occurred to me to be an odd limitation. Nor did it occur that the water we were prancing about in may not be pristine if the system had weed killer coursing through it at ANY time. Ahh, youth and the 80's!


Wow - in 1979 I would have been totally jealous - seriously. This pool is way better than the storebought plastic wading pool I had - and used even after it cracked. The slide on yours really makes it.

And do kids run through sprinklers anymore?


Your parents were very creative! I love it!

chris stewart

Your dad was a creative genius. I think "home made" is neater than the alternative, if you can get it to work. In fact, I found your site googling to see if anyone in this decade has already done what I'd like to do... make a swimming pool out of a used monster truck tire and plastic liner. That one would last a lifetime, just patch the liner every couple of years... no more popped inflatables for me!!

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