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April 18, 2006


The Misanthrope

Since doing my own laundry, I have discovered where the socks go. They get tangled up in the bed sheets, which I hate folding. Oh the inhumanity of it all.


disappering socks and underwear - usually the gremlins have hidden those in backpacks or duffel bags and I find them prior to a weekend away.

and they always take the potato masher.

but eventually I find it hidden in the "big kitchen utensil" drawer but always after the time I need it.


I have a sunglass gremlin. I own so many pairs that it isn't funny and the only pair that I can find when I am leaving the house is the old scratched up ones. I guess the gremlins don't like the scratches.


Recently, a Gremlin took my fancy-smancy Pampered Chef salad tongs. Dammit!


I figured out who my gremlins are. They are these things called kids. They take all my free time, they break my chip clips (accidentally, because they are great toys). Tablet paper also makes great drawing paper (4 slashes of pen ink). Age may be the only thing that slows my gremlins.


Oh my gosh, AWE, the gremlins in your house must have a portal into MY house too! Glasses, glasses everwhere and not a pair to wear!

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