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April 19, 2006



I'm getting a refund from federal, but had to pay state $6 bucks. I'm saving my refund towards a down payment for a new car. I really need a new car...


Kids help, our new one upped ours refund up by $1000. 18 more years of additional deductions. Of course ours went toward bills too, but it was a good chunk.


Uncle Sam treated us the same as always "hand it over, hand it over".

I don't understand why people get so excited about getting a refund . I am always happy if I either get or have to pay around $500, although truth be known, I would rather have to PAY because that means Sam gave ME an interest free loan. So, while we did have to pay a hefty chunk this year, I squeaked by without a penalty and got to earn interest on that money during the year to boot.


Cagey - I'm only excited about getting a refund because we've had so many years where we've had just a short time to scrounge up thousands of dollars to pay our taxes. This year that would have been nearly impossible, so it's a huge relief to actually get money back instead of having to pay.

Goofy Girl

I have no idea. I diligently filed my EXTENSION on Monday, so I have six more months of procrastination in front of me. Groan. Check back with me in October. And I still won't know.

The Necklace Lady

We break even. I got $80 back from the Feds.... so I know I didn't loan them money this year. I had to pay the state about $500, but I really don't care. I can't tell you how many people I know count on a tax refund as their "forced savings". For the life of me, I can't wrap my head around that logic.


I got both of my refunds several months ago. I filed the moment I got my returns because I knew I would have refunds comeing (I give enough to charity to make sure this goes in my favor...).

But now everyone else will be getting their money and I've already spent mine! No fair!


We had our very own little tax deduction last year so we're sitting pretty. Happy Tax return to you!

The Misanthrope

Actually getting money back too. Out in California, what the federal government givest, the state takest. However, I got enough to give daughter her graduation gift from college, well at least the cash part.

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