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April 03, 2006



This is one weekend that I wish I didn't have the computer off. I was the victim of identity theft. I didn't realize it until 10:30pm last night. It was a shame, like you I was proud of all the stuff I did this weekend until that happened.


AWE - I'm so sorry to hear that! What a terrible thing to have happen to you.

The Misanthrope

ID thief that sucks. Please share how you get it under control and how they stole your ID. I always worry about that.

Goofy Girl

The only thing I managed to do this weekend was procrastinate extremely well. I still haven't even cracked open the manilla folder with all my tax paperwork in it.

Tick, tick, tick....


Kudos for cleaning the garage -- I'm looking forward to doing that. Do you find that you do it yourself, or does your husband help? I think I'm better with spatial relations than the man I share my home with, I can see how to get things up off the floor so we could actually get a car in the garage. Alas, he does not.


Blaugra - My husband wasn't home when I cleaned the garage, but I doubt he'd have pitched in even if he had been. His home project cooperation must be negotiated well in advance!


Actually, it was a GREAT weekend Jane. My daughter had a baby boy early Saturday morning...what could be better than that?

You managed to get a LOT of those nagging, pesky jobs done...good for you. Hope your week is good and continues on this productive mode....taxes too!


Did you eat your lovely dinners off that sparkin' garage floor? :-)



I'm so glad you got to do all of that, but THANK YOU for not staying in your real life for too long. We like having you here -- on the web!

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