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April 20, 2006



Ah, a neti pot! I've seen those used but have always been too chicken to try it myself. How was your first time using it?

I hear you about the flabby upper arms. Spring brings on too many physical self-assessments!


Suzanne - I'm really liking the neti pot. My first time using it wasn't bad at all. I've gotten good at judging the correct water temperature, which seems to be the most important variable. I also liked it better once I bought some sea salt (I started out with table salt).

I'm not actually using one of the ceramic pots - I bought a stainless steel one from http://www.healthandyoga.com It came with nice, thorough instructions.

Troy Worman

#856 on your TTD List? That list may need some reprioritizing. Oddly, #856 on my TTD List is to get Orbit Now! on JD's Blogroll. Perhaps, I should reprioritize my list, too!


Troy - I'm pleased to say that I actually did go to the gym after dinner tonight. I expect to have a certain amount of difficulty moving about tomorrow, though.

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