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March 04, 2006



I only use the home phone for my internet usage. Even at work if I hear a phone ring I cringe, knowing that it's not even going to be for me. But I finally broke down and had to buy a cell phone when I was having health issues, with only a few knowing my number (but not the cousins). I'm about as comfortable with the thing as I would be with a land mine.


I'm a relic by today's standards...I don't even have a cell phone. But everyone in my family does. I do use e-mail ALL the time...I can't imagine being without it. Other than that...there's just my home phone. Archaic...I know.


I love email. I was excited about Google Talk when it came out, and it's caused me to keep in much closer touch with a couple of school friends, but it's still a bit of a hassle at times...

I have ALWAYS hated the phone. I'm not sure why, but I've always been apprehensive about calling people. I still make my wife order pizza whenever I can =)


I'd love text messaging if it didn't take so damn long to painstakingly scroll through the options for each letter. Those ridiculous acronymns came about for good reason. But I persevere because it's e-mail with the immediacy of a phone call. I hate getting trapped in a phone conversation when all I wanted to say was, "I'll be there at 8."


I prefer email then cell phone. Our land line exists for the TiVo.


Our land line is for parents to call us - and for my husband, who is totally cell-phone-phobic.

I use my cell if I have to have a really quick "where are you? I'll be right there" conversation. But otherwise I don't like talking on either phone -- and I can't STAND when people use their cel next to me when I'm shopping because they're always much louder than when they're talking to their boyfriend at their side in the cereal aisle and then they don't concentrate on how they drive their cart.
I prefer to conduct business face-to-face or by email. With some of my young hip twenty-something friends, we text each other on phones, though.


I do not use the phone for idle chit chat - in fact I'm not much on idle chit chat--in any form.
I'm on the phone for work 4-5 hours most every day.
I use e-mail for hello, how are you greetings (or in reply)
I write letters-still.
I have a land line phone (for MOM)
I do not have a cell-although I have had one in the past & will probably get another soon. No texting, although my son (24) and daughter (20) will make me surrender, eventually.

Yvonne DiVita

This is interesting. For years, my friends and family have tried to make me feel strange because I hate the phone. Even hate the cell phone. Email is it for me. I used to IM, when my kids were in college, but I haven't opened IM for years. I don't know about Google Talk. It's probably fine. But, email works. It's fast enough, close enough and it works. For me.

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