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March 20, 2006



Ick. I lost my appetite just reading this!


Whoa, find another place Jane. It's too bad this guy doesn't realize how unappealing his hacking is to people around him; but sometimes they don't...or, more likely, they just don't care. I'm surprised you and your husband could even stay and eat.


It'll just continue through the summer if he's a smoker.


Oh, I feel your pain. They're oblivious to dirty looks, and yes, I've been tempted to say something, but I usually just inhale my meal and run screaming from the restaurant. Nasty!


Ok, my bad. I shouldn't have read this, I am just now heading to lunch.

I have actually said stuff to people over this, also them blowing their nose at the table.

Friggin' Gross!


Ick. Remind me to send you one of these: http://www.glarkware.com/securestore/c181844p16370773.2.html to drop on the guy's lap before you walk out next time. You may have to "fill in the blank." Gar.


I work next to a guy like that. I feel your pain.

And lucky me, huh?


Is it worth speaking to the staff? Tell them that you love coming to their place but as of today you won't be back because of this guy - unless they would like to have a word with him?

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