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March 16, 2006



I don't know how some people do it either Jane. I learned a long time ago...comfort before fashion. After your feet have been in that kind of pain, you learn that lesson quickly.


I feel the same way when ever I see 6 ft gazelles (aka MODELS) gracefully striding in heels.

Remember us hobbling around Vegas in our fashionably cute shoes? Do we ever learn?


I like to have SOME heel on my shoes, but it always blows me away to see women at the mall or just out running around in spikes! I would be dragging myself around by my arms after 20 minutes! Aaaaaaaaaaaah!


I love to wear very high heels as an every day thing. The trick with pointy shoes is to buy them a half-size bigger so your toes don't get pinched in the point. Wearing heels as an every day thing is something you have to work your way up to- like a marathon. It pays to carry a pair of flat backup shoes until you are at competition level.


I rarely wear heels either but have to confess that I will occasionally put up with the pain and indignity because dammit, they make your feet and ankles look so elegant!

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