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March 13, 2006


Goofy Girl

Consider yourselves lucky... We got 3 bouts of hail during the day yesterday. And with several tornado sirens, we ended up in the basement twice. And we only go down there when the weather folks tell us to. What a boring day!


My husband and I are storm spotters for the National Weather Service, he used to be a meteorology major and he is always tracking severe weather outbreaks. I'm a storm spotter mostly be provide the voice of reason and to keep him from killing himself. We're supposed to get storms here today and he's been refreshing the Storm Prediction Center's site all day. I'm glad you guys didn't get any tornadoes!


I was PISSED at the sirens - it was hardly even cloudy down south! What the hell? Why do they have to go off for the entire county? That's silly! THEN, I watch the news in the morning and miss the fact that a tornado/tornadic wind DID hit Lawrence, where my family lives. I felt like a heel not having called my family to see if they were alive or not.


it was nice of you to move the [email protected]!

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