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March 29, 2006



Hi Jane,

I've never talked in my sleep that I know of. None of my kids have ever said I have; and believe me, they would NEVER pass up the opportunity to rib Mom about somethng like that. However....my husband talked in his sleep, and sometimes walked in his sleep. What's even odder, at times he would take on the personna of John Wayne. How scary is that? Enough said. -Joy


My ex would not only talk in his sleep, he would occationally bust out laughing (which is kinda creepy in the middle of the night!)

The Misanthrope

Daughter's mother would talk to me in my sleep and ask questions which I answered. She was going through the house looking for money I had hidden in a book. Lucky for me I had taken the cash out a while back.


I'm told that I laugh in my sleep. It IS really creepy for my bedmate, but at least I know I was having a fun dream.

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