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March 30, 2006



We don't have any of the movie channels, when we did we didn't watch them and if we really want to see a show that is on them, we just wait for DVD. That hasn't happened yet. I also recently removed call waiting and line backer from our phone, it won't amount to much but we never used either, so it is probably $100 a year. I need to look into getting rid of other things, but haven't found much yet. That and I don't want to cut some things.


Huts - I know how you feel. I don't really want to cut things either. If my gas and electric bills hadn't skyrocketed so much this winter, I'd probably be okay, but as it is I keep getting behind on one or the other until I'm stuck paying $400 to $500 all at once.


I feel your pain! My daily tracking of expenses I recently implemented lasted about 10 days before I got frustrated by not being able to buy anything. So I just do a monthly checking account reconcilation to make sure I'm not "missing" any money. I'm now back to a daily latte because it makes me happy, but I've cut down on other frivolous impulse purchases. If you're used to having HBO it will be hard to give it up to wait for the DVDs! I'm planning a yard sale to make a couple hundred from "stuff", but this is a lot of work too.


I have every movie channel that I can get. It costs me out the butt, but I hate commercial tv.

I really need to cut back. I could save alot of money if I would start bringing my food with me to work. I am just to lazy to start.


I've thought about making some adjustments to my cable bill to cut down costs, but I really don't get that many movie channels...only HBO. There are some series (Sopranos, etc.) that I love, but I guess I could just wait for the DVD's to come out. I've already streamlined my phone bill and my gas bill as best as I can. I'm still looking...


Our biggest expense is eating out - we love to try new restaurants.

I would have much difficulty giving up HBO and the satellite bill - after all, it keeps us at HOME, instead of out and about spending money. At least that is how I have "worked it out" in my head.


Tracking one's daily expenses is a pain in the neck. I do it by trying to keep all receipts which I regularly input into my accounting program. It really helps me be aware of my at-times frivolous spending. I don't carry much cash which also helps.

Every time I pay our cable bill I question whether we get our money's worth! And we already wait for our favorite HBO shows to come out on DVD. :)


Yes I can Identify with you!

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