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February 03, 2006



I don't think you can say "Super Bowl" :)


I'm seriously considering recording the SB and just watching the commercials. I don't have much interest in the game because my beloved Bears were knocked out (*sob*).

Birthday party for my nephew! Oh, and we'll annouce my wife's pregnancy to the family =)


I actually have a reason to watch the game this year (Go Seahawks!) but still haven't decided on food. I'm considering serving something Seattle themed. Perhaps smoked salmon to go with a cheese and fruit plate. And maybe I'll pick up a variety of pacific northwest beers (heh that's what we usually drink anyway). But then again I could totally go for chips and hotdogs.

Another thing I've been meaning to do is finish watching season 5 of Angel. If I get a head start on my laundry tonight I have no excuse!


Picking up tile for bathroom reno. Steam cleaing carpets (we need to buy one with 2 kids). Watching the BIG GAME (not trademarked or copyrighted as of this writing).

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