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February 14, 2006



Jane, thanks for sharing this with us. What a wonderful love story...I love knowing how you two began. I hope you both have a beautiful day. xoxo


GREAT post! My favorite lines?

"When he arrived, I discovered that he wasn't blond anymore, but then again neither was I."

"...... had recently broken up with a guy with whom I could never have had a future because he was allergic to my cats."

I'll admit that I broke up with a guy because he didn't like Indian food or ONIONS (crazy! I know!). I knew that I could never cook for him and well, I just couldn't foresee a lifetime of not ever cooking Indian food again.

The Misanthrope

Congratulations! May you both continue to make great music together and in your separate bands.

K. Kirschner

You met the love of your life in a band, I (re)met mine in a bar. Good for us! And, I, too, paid tribute to my Valentine by blogging about how we met. Check it out if you like. Good luck in the One Woman's World voting!


What a cool love story!!!
Love the blog!

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