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February 08, 2006


Tickled Pink

I'm going through the same thing. Why is it that something that will make us feel so good, and look so much better, is so hard?!


I have to go to a structured class to get exercise. I just can't discipline myself to work-out by myself.


As a yo-yo gym aficionado myself, I have noticed if I commit to going 3-4 times a week and stick with it for 3 weeks straight, by the 4th week I am hooked. That's the only advice I can give. I know my sister is pretty regimented about going certain days of the week and she plans accordingly. Those days are "set in stone" and I don't even bother making plans with her on those days.


Go through their class schedule and find ones you think sound interesting, then put them in your calendar, appointment style. It's hard to just start "going to the gym" but if you have a specific times to make, it's easier. Plus, you'll work harder in a class setting. Call and see if you can get an introductory appt. with a trainer. Maybe that will help jump start you, too. Two or three weeks of being disciplined and it will become habit!


I'm very busy (aren't we all?) and so I exercise at home while I watch t.v. and/or read and/or talk to my husband. I ride a recumbent bike. I started on December 1 and haven't missed a day yet. I am all or nothing. Either every day or I find an excuse not to every day.

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