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February 22, 2006



I seem to remember you owing me money. I seem to remember you putting THAT in your PDA.

I swear! ;-)


Cagey - Don't think I'm falling for that again! ;)

Goofy Girl

EEK! I have nightmares like this!! My PDA is the second half of my brain. If I ever lost that data, I'd be helpless. And I sync about 6 times per day. Okay, maybe I'm a little obsessive about it... ;-)

mom on a wire

D'oh! That sucks! Good luck figuring it all out!


That totally sucks! My partner is doing a graduate project that includes the use of a PDA. She wrote some software for the PDA to make it work as desired. Last week while she was running people through as test subjects, the PDA did a reset just as you described above. Everything lost. Fortunately it was backed up. I can tell you that we will never buy that brand of PDA again, it's been nothing but a pain in the...


I had the same thing happen (an iPAQ) a few years back so I switched back to paper. I'm slowly getting into the idea of a web based organiser and am trying airset.com at the moment (but haven't yet tried the pda/mobile phone syncing). I'm also hoping to get a beta invite to foldera.com in the near future because I think that's going to be a great tool.

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