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January 10, 2006



Many years ago, after too many to drink, I was in an Indian restaurant with a friend and two girls. I suddenyl had the urge to puke and ran upstairs to the bathroom. I knew I couldn't make it to the gents, so burst into the ladies, where one of the girls who'd been with us, was washing her hands in the basin. Bleugh, a technicolour yawn into the basin, floating on the water.

The girls made up am important appointment and left us to finish the curry and pay the bill.


This topic is right up my alley! I have several good Las Vegas throwing up stories! the 1st one was my first encounter with screwdrivers at the age of 16 - we were all visiting my grandpa at the time. My cousin and I were sneaking them left and right while the adults weren't looking. The next morning, we were throwing them up left and right. Can't stand the smell of screwdrivers to this day.

The 2nd one involved an unfortunate incident at the Las Vegas Club downtown when I was in my mid 20s. I SWEAR they were giving me bad rum and cokes. I ended up throwing up in the elevator at the Monte Carlo where i was staying.

The 3rd incident started at the Monte Carlo instead of ending there. After a night spent at the craps table, I hobbled into my room for an hours of sleep, then caught a flight back home. By the time I landed in KC, I had to have a friend come pick me up because I couldn't drive home I was so sick. Certainly not one of my prouder moments.


I was at a house party and there was a lot of potluck food that guests had brought. I ate a bit of everything, and soon I knew I had to york, so I went around to the side of the house and threw up in the bushes. The problem was the hosts 2 dogs ate the puke, then went inside, and puked in front of everyone. That set a couple more people off. Ahh, memories...


When I was pregnant last year, I didn't throw up too much, but man oh man, when I did it was MEMORABLE. I was driving home in rush hour traffic, doing 70 MPH and was forced to puke in my OWN lap because I couldn't get over the right hand shoulder. Bleh.


I'm one of those people. I've only thrown up twice since 7th grade. First pregnancy, ate a deviled egg on an empty stomach. Second pregnancy, gagged myself with a toothbrush.

I'm so boring and also fanatical about not eating old food.


Cagey's last story was....AWESOME! I hate to puke, fo sho' but I cannot beat that!


This speaks to my grossest parenting moment - the Little Man literally did an Exorcist hurl right into my shirt and lap last year. From 2 feet away. Copious volumes of sick, travelling at thousands of miles per hour out of his perfectly "o" shaped mouth. Makes me shudder to this day.


I really hate puking and have managed to avoid it most of my life but I have a good story. Years ago when I was living abroad someone in our household made some very strong pot brownies. I ate one too many and started to hallucinate. Part of the hallucination involved my guts coming out my belly button. Sure enough, I made my hallucination come to fruition...sort of. I puked up my dinner all over my husband and my bed. No more pot brownies for me! And my husband makes sure of that.


Okay, it has nothing to with yakking, but I had to ask...

Have you read Finding Serenity?

A friend blogged about it


and I remember you saying that you went to the movie.


Stacie - No, I hadn't heard of that book. I just picked up a DVD of the movie last night, but so far I've only seen it twice. ;) Thanks for calling my attention to the book!


I got food poisoning from a portabello mushroom sandwich in the Ozarks on a romantic weekend with my beloved. We had a bed and breakfast with a hot tub in the room. I spent the entire night sobbing on or near the toilet, spewing from every possible orafice. So disgusting. So memorable.


Hey I'm another one of "those" people who have thrown up, I don't know, twice in my life? Once was when I was little. I can't quite recally exactly why it happened, maybe I was sick. But I remember I went into the garage for something. Who knows why I went there if I was feeling sick? Little kids are insane (ok so I never grew out of that.) But anyway, all I remember was I just couldn't hold it long enough to run to the bathroom, so I puked all over the concrete floor. Luckily I had the presence of mind to avoid the washing machine and the shoe rack. What was most memorable was that I looked down and saw noodles and little pieces of carrot. Never thought I'd see my dinner again so soon.


I threw up on an airplane. It shot straight down the aisle. Just as we were landing. Oh, I got my share of evil glares from all the passengers who had to find their way down that aisle of vomit to get off the plane.

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