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January 31, 2006



You know what's awful? My mom had to have an endoscopy a few years ago because she was having heartburn all the time and they suspected GERD, and they did it with no anesthetic, no sedatives or anything. But then she had to have another one, she went to a different hospital and they used the anesthetic, so apparently their local hospital is staffed entirely by crackheads. I hope they get your heartburn all fixed up!

I'm having a minimal excitment week myself. Blah. I'm blaming mid-winter crappiness.


As you know, I LOVED the Kite Runner - I INHALED that book. :-)


I wonder if they'll give you a bonus, color photo like they did me afterwards. Talk about unexpected.


I vote that you post right after you get home. Drug-induced posting, courtesy of Jane!

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