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January 07, 2006



For years I've thought I had a brain disorder, and that I was the only human who couldn't recognize people out of context. Maybe I do have a brain disorder, but now I know I'm not the only one!

At least you got it correct (neighbors? eesh!). I've guessed incorrectly and made a potentially bad situation turn into a calamity!


My dad is a teacher and every once in a while, former students who are now adults will come up to him and start talking to him. He has no idea who they are and they just assume that he'll remember them.

This has nothing to do with this entry, but I read about your kitchen remodeling and oh, how I laughed. It was like looking into our future! I am expecting nothing less than that for when we strip the dorky flowered wallpaper from our kitchen. So plain water was the best thing for removing the paper backing? When we took the wallpaper out of our bathroom, we used commercial, expensive wallpaper remover and we still gouged up the sheet rock. Annoying!


Oooh. I wouldn't even be able to respond if my neighbors pulled that stunt! Of course, we're SO uninvolved in our neighborhood that our neighbors probably wouldn't recognize US, either! =)

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