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January 23, 2006



I want to go! Every year my husband wins an exotic trip to the Bahamas or somewhere, and this year it's Cancun. Our favorite. It happens to fall on BlogHer. There is still the chance that he may not qualify. Can you believe I'm even thinking that? We probably won't know until June, though. I would love to go and meet you and my other new blogging-friends.


I want to go, but when I add all of the costs up, I'd have to not pay my daycare provider for a couple of months.

So I'll wait until they have a conference in Chicago or I don't have to pay for daycare full time.


Stacie - I agree that it would be nice to have one in the midwest.


The email BlogHer just sent was timely because X and I are discussing how we can pull this off since I need to have the kid near me (damned breastfeeding :-) Lucky for me, that area is one of X's very favorites.

I can't express enough how very cool this conference was!

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