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December 28, 2005



Bags of ice rule!


I hear you - we had a new pressure regulator put in ($300) and have had the plumber out twice in two months to replace washers. It turns out it is going to cost $500 to replace the hot-and-cold faucets with a "modern" one-pull faucet. But we are going to do it, because we are sick of the plumber coming every month!


Me too - we got back from 3 days of holidaying to no heat and a backed-up toilet. $400 later we're looking into the 50% off sale the furnace place is running. So nice to have the extra debt at the holidays - NOT.


good move starting with the shower - as the new projects come online you can remain calm knowing there's a fabulous scrub waiting on the other side of it!

good luck!



The dripping would have killed me. I can feel my OCD acting up just thinking about it. But don't fool around with the electrical stuff, get that fixed soon. That is a fire waiting to happen.


Ugh, I'm glad I'm not the only one who takes years to get around to fixing these overwhelming household problems. We had a loose nuetral and two of our lights blew a whole through the bowls, throwing electrical red, blue, and white flashes through the room. We taped the light switches off, and then complained about the darkness of the rooms for about a year before we finally did something about it. Once you get it done, you feel so good, and wonder why you took so long. Somehow, it doesn't motivate you to get around to all those other problems, though, does it?

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