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December 09, 2005



Happy Anniversary! The restaurant you are going to is YUMMY. A perfect place.


Hope you have a fabulous anniversary! You guys are a great couple.

The Misanthrope

Happy anniversary! Eleven years is a big deal today.

I love your down to earth style.


Well done, Average Jane. :)
Enjoy your anniversary.
Here's to many, many more!

Joy Des Jardins

Happy Happy Anniversary AJ! May you have many, many more wonderful years together. I hope your hubby still reads your posts...otherwise, he's missing out on some good stuff. Cheers!


Congrats on your anniversary, and thanks for leading us to your account of your 10th in Vegas! Good times.

My husband and I also renewed our vows with Elvis - not at "A Elvis Chapel" but at Viva Las Vegas Chapel. It was unforgettable and even though I had sausage fingers too and it was totally kitschy, it was just as meaningful as the first time down the aisle.

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