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December 20, 2005



We always have piles of blankets around the house the entire winter. Every other week I wash them. Kids, dogs, and god only knows what germs are on those things.

I bake more in the winter too. Things like batter breads that take a whole hour and minimal effort. But the soups and stews are always a good thing too.

Try drinking green tea. If you leave a tea pot on the stove top, you'll add humidity to the house and always have a hot cup waiting for you.


I've noticed that everywhere I go, places seem to be colder. Everybody is trying to save on their heating bills, but if I need to keep my coat on in a restaurant, it's a little much.



We all know you're made of sterner stuff than that O'd wench. It will soon be spring.

Have a nice Christmas KP

The Misanthrope

I have a question for you. If you could move to a warmer climate would you? Do you think it foolish for someone from Los Angeles to move to the northeast?


Misanthrope - As much as I complain about the extremes of heat and cold here, I actually like the different seasons. That said, the main reason I've lived in the same general area my whole life is that my extended family is here. I would consider moving somewhere else if that were not a consideration, although the weather would be a fairly minor part of the equation.


I am envious. I am in Los Angeles (originally from New York), and I love cuddling up with warm blankets, making soups and baking, wearing big sweaters and scarves, doing crafts, etc. But when it is 70 degrees and sunny out, like now, it just doesn't feel the same. I feel I should go out and get some exercise - a prospect that is far less appealing.

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