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December 30, 2005



Average Jane: What exactly do you do in the band? Do you sing or play? Or both? Is your husband involved in it, too? I am so impressed with the whole song-writing thing.


Noelle - I'm the lead vocalist and lyric writer for the band. The other members are a guitarist (who writes most of the music), a drummer and a bass player.

My husband is also a drummer, but his only involvement with my current band is as our recording engineer and producer. He's in a couple different bands and also works in a music store right now. Before we met, he worked for ten years as a studio (and sometimes touring) drummer based in Nashville.

The Misanthrope

Good luck in the new year and may you reach all that you strive for.


Been reading your blog right after
J-walk every morning. Your blog is a BIG bookmark in this laptop.
Hope all will go well in the next year.
Happy New Year to You and Your Husband.

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