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December 29, 2005



sniff.... I LOVE your parties. As the flaker from the candle party - well, you know how bad I felt about that. I thought the cookie party went great, too.


Oh believe me, you weren't the only flaker from the candle party! ;)


I think the main problem is the whole concept of "maybe" on evite. It should be just "yes" or "no," then you know EXACTLY what to expect.

I, too, have had some of those parties where nobody comes. My husband always assumes that will be the case and is shocked when people arrive. That is why I have taken my parties down to one a year, plus a bar crawl. The last pub crawl we invited 75 people and you saw the attendance - good, but not amazing. Have parties gone the way of the past???


BTW - I love your parties, your food and your house. It's NOT YOU. Trust me.


I love your parties too! They are always lovely, and the food is spectacular. Please don't stop throwing them. We love them!


Jane, I'd show up if you had a soup party (and only if you invited me - don't worry, I wouldn't just show up ;-).

Forget the candles - you could have 1/2 of your guests bring wine and the other 1/2 bring a soup. I'm talking homemade soup, too, not like a can of Progresso.

When I was growing up, my mom would frequently boil a chicken (with carrots and celery, and dumplings if we were lucky) and then turn the broth and the leftover chicken into the best homemade chicken soup ever. The dumplings would make it thick, but they gave my dad heartburn, so she didn't include those very often. When she didn't, she'd put some egg noodles in when she heated the soup... I just made myself very hungry!

Goofy Girl

Having Goofy Junior, with his own agenda really puts the damper on party-going plans. I know I've flaked out on you several times this year. Keep having the parties! If there's food involved, I'm more likely to come (evidenced by the cookie exchange - yum!)


Awwww... I would attend your parties if I were your friend.


I don't know if your parties are boring. I'm certain they're not. I love to throw parties, too, but it is getting harder and I think people are just getting ruder, frankly. Not RSVPing at all is not acceptable. Someone wants to welcome you into their home, feed/booze you, entertain you and the least you can do it reply politely. I'm also not a fan of the "Maybe". Either you have plans at the time of the invitation or you do not and if you do not either you want to come or you do not. If you are busy or don't want to come, just say No. If you are waiting for a better offer, say No. I hate Maybe's.

Even when I have a successful party, the 30 minutes before it's due to start are nerve-wracking. I call it the "200 Cigarettes breakdown".

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