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November 29, 2005



I wish my family would do this, but if I suggest it, I look cheap cos we are the only ones with kids.


BRAVO to your family. I could only be so lucky. For example, I still buy for grandparents that declare they don't need anything (they don't). However, we have toned down the gifts quite a bit over the years. This season, I am buying only gift certificates, but I am concentrating on locally owned"niche" stores to fit the person's particular interests or hobbies. My goal is no chain store gift certs this year.


We buy my grandparents 'baskets' of meat/cheese/fruit products. We are wittling it down to just kids, but 4/6 of us don't have kids. The rest get a donation or $20 limit on their gift. My brother that has a kid and I have agreed to only buy for the kids, spouses and each other are out.

The Misanthrope

That is the best way to celebrate Christmas.

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