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November 14, 2005



Jane, I'm sorry for your loss.


Thanks, kevboy.


Oh! I am sorry for your loss. Having a relationship with a grandmother is such a very special one. It is nice that you realized that and took the time to tell your grandma.

I am going to take a page from your book and send each of my grandmas a list like that.


I'm so sorry! It's very hard to lose a grandparent, especially one you admire so much. I like that you wrote your memories down for her too - a very cool gesture.

Oh, and I must say the memory you've shared with me of her that always makes me chuckle is the Lemon Pam . . .


Oh,man. Your memory list just brought back my own grandmother, who also died of Alzheimer's. I'm so sorry to hear you've lost your grandmother. Although, I do know it is also hard to watch someone suffer from Alzheimer's. It's a horrible disease. I'm thinking of you.


So sorry to hear about your grandmother, Jane. She sounds like she was an inspirational lady.


Jane, that was the nicest of "obituaries" I think anyone could have written, because it remembered the good times.

I remember my own grandmother for her funny foibles, for example, she would only ever walk on the sunny side of the street. She kept chocolate soldiers for me in a large cupboard (well out of my reach), making them appear a bigger treat than they were and I remember on Saturdays, being allowed Jersey milk on my cornflakes (the milk that was usually reserved for her sone Ken). Fond memories really are good for the soul. KP


I really appreciate everyone's thoughtful comments. It's been strange to hear this news and just go on into work every day - the memorial service isn't until this Saturday.


So sorry to hear of your loss Jane.

The Misanthrope

That was a very nice piece on your grandmother, she would have been proud.

My most heartfelt condolences.

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