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October 19, 2005



I think that it's awesome you guys do this every year. I wish we would, sometimes, but then think of all of the planning and cleaning that goes along with it and through the idea out the window.


For a minute I read it as 'put a banana on my head'. Not quite what you were saying. I thought it was a bit strange until I re-read.


Stacie - It is kind of a lot of trouble, but it's always worth it.

Huts - Perhaps I could have used the spelling "bandanna" to make things a little clearer, but somehow I think the extra "n" makes it look even *more* like "banana".


Love, love, love your site. My parents used to have big parties when I was little. But once my Mom went back to work their social life kind of deteriated. Oh well. I like to think I pass on my parties today. We have about 4 a year. Not too huge but big enough for us to handle. We have a birthday party for my son, a holiday party, a Super bowl party and one BBQ. I think that is quite enough. Keep up the good work.


I hear ya about those non-RSVPers. Evite couldn't possibly make it easier, so what is their problem?

I, too, have a special mucked-up T-shirt reserved especially for hair dying and painting. It's a mess!


Looking forward to the party

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