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October 21, 2005



Sorry about your cat. We had to put ours cat to sleep 2 years ago. He wasn't even 5 and had a kidney ailment. Hope your party lifts your spirits.


Thanks, Huts. It was a sad afternoon, but it really was for the best.


I am so sorry. Hang in there. Oddly I think it is harder with the ones that aren't your favorites. (which is probably why we have an exceedingly old, deaf, incontinent and miserable dog still)

Goofy Girl

It's so hard parting with a beloved pet. My thoughts are with you. Don't feel guilty at all, it sounds like she had a wonderful, loving home for a long time, which is more than a lot of pets get. Cherish the memories.


Very sorry for your loss.


My sincere condolences.

She looked pretty happy in that photo! I'm sure y'all played a big part in that.


An awful thing to go through. Have done it myself a few times. All I can say is time will heal.


Max, my Westie who loves kitties, and I send woofs and hugs.


I'm so sorry. That is a decision that I hope I never have to make. You gave her a long, good life and let her go with dignity. Still, it does kind of suck to have to do it.


Jane, sorry to hear about that. It's got to be a hard decision to make. Hang in there - if she's really in pain, she'll be better off.


Thank you all so much for your kind thoughts. Our vet agreed that it was the right thing to do and although we both shed some tears, we knew that we had done all we could for her.

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