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October 04, 2005



I'm glad to hear that you had a good experience with them. We've stopped going to places like that because of too many bad experiences, add-on sales and the like. Instead we found a local guy that is fantastic. If you're ever in Oshkosh, I'll recommend him.


We have Jiffy Lube Knock-offs that suck. We refuse to go to 1 in particular. The pressure is bad and the service wasn't that great. If we move, I'll have to try one.


I have to report that I have had bad experiences with Jiffy Lube as well - HOWEVER, you should have given us the location! As with all franchises, that's what makes the difference!

Joy Des Jardins

Jane, it's so refreshing to hear SOMEONE have a good customer service experience. We hear about all the bad ones, and there are a lot...mainly because noone stands up to be accountable. Nice to hear when someone does.


Hmmm, just when I say I'm dumping Jiffy Lube! The time before last they changed my air filter and the A/C stank for 3 days. When I asked my husband to make sure something wasn't dead in my engine, he found a tool they'd left inside (but no explanation on the smell). And LAST time I went, I was driving with my boss down the highway (80 mph) when I noticed my hood shuddering. I pulled to the side to check and it was unlatched! Now THAT could have ended badly! Maybe I should call them...

Keith Povall

Jane, after the kind of day I've had with British Telecom trying to shag me for a fiver for being late paying (in their opinion), your story was refreshing.


Eric W

Glad you had a good experience. Jiffy Lube actually destroyed my car. Went for a simple oil change and got suckered into a few additional services. Well, they ended up installing the incorrect filter on mine and it seized up on the highway. Ruined my entire engine to a tune of $6,000 for a new one. Finally settled out of court about 6 weeks later for $3,000 but I never got my car back. I cringe even driving past one now wondering what problems each person driving out of there is going to get.


Eric W - I was very afraid that the Jeep's motor was going to be ruined and I'm still not confident that things would have worked out so well if that had been the case. It's always a risk to trust your car to other people.

Yvonne DiVita

Good story, Jane. As always, it depends on the people -- not the franchise. I'll be staying at another Radisson tonight. We'll see how they compare.

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