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October 25, 2005



So sorry to hear about your kitty's problem--esp. so soon after you had to put the other cat down.

Hopefully, his problems can be managed.


Thanks, Rozanne. He's looking much better today, so I think the antibiotics and eye drops are helping.


Hmm. Your place must smell mighty interesting.

I got here from the blog genealogy, only your url is incorrect but I figured it out anyway. Always like to find lady bloggers--there aren't a lot of us.

Gotta run and read some more stuff you've written.


16-year-old Sybil is having thyroid problems. Pills every day for the rest of her life. Oh, and she needs some help with her tartar. Sister, I feel your pain.


Norma - It's all about Simple Solution. That stuff works like a charm.

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