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September 13, 2005



Hmmm, Jane, time to call your analyst baby... KP


When people smack their lips while eating, I have to resist a strong urge to slap them. Seriously. It irritates me to the core.


Those freaky animal thingies that used to come on the Quizno's commercials. Need I say more?


Do you have an "analyst"? You certainly don't need one for that. That truly IS the worst TV commercial offense EVER! Well, that and local car dealers putting their retarded hick kids in their commercials. Did I say that out loud?

Keith H

That doesn't bug me too much. Of course I PVR a lot of my TV these days, so it is rare for me to watch a commerical unless the one frame looks interesting.

On the other hand, all these commercials showing violent and disrepectful attitudes really bother me - especially when it shows kids doing it. It is like we are saying as a society that it is okay to be rude and mean. I teach my kids otherwise, yet they come home from school with some amazingly rude and mean stuff :( :(

Goofy Girl

I hate the "dumb husband"/"clever wife" commercials that are on, oh, every 10 minutes or so. What decade are we living in? Why is the wife still preparing breakfast/lunch/dinner while husband sits at table reading the paper? Haven't we come farther than this since the 1950s? Does this really happen in anyone's home?

Oh yes, and the smacking lips too.


cj - No, I loved the Quiznos spongmonkeys! Well, not in a "they really make me want a toasted sandwich" way, I guess.

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