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September 20, 2005



"How I met my mother" was on last night and is getting good press - I will be watching it tonight. Threshold was on last Friday, but I haven't caught it yet - it supposed to be good also. "Chris" and "Earl" are supposed to be good bets. In fact, overall, many reviewers have commented with excitement on the slate of new comedies this fall.

David Spade is MUST WATCH for you. I insist! I meant to mention it to you earlier.

I am on the fence with Rome as well. I have several episodes lined up to watch. I have a GREAT project to work on in front of the TV, so I will be catching up on it today and tomorrow. I suspect Rome may best be watched like that - let it go for a week or two so you can watch several episodes back to back. I watched Deadwood that way and it flowed MUCH better then. I can't wait like that with the Wire and the Sopranos, but did noticed watching again on DVD that they, too, were best viewed that way. I think it is because most HBO shows are really mega-movies, if you think about it that way. Anyway, I guess all I am saying is maybe you should save Rome and watch a few at a time at once, instead of every week?

Wow - nice tangent for you, eh? eek.


Didn't know Spade had a new show. Don't miss Nip/Tuck tonight!


I have a thing for reality shows. I know, I'm hifalutin in my choices, but I do love Nip/Tuck.

I also spend so much time watching The Discovery Channel or TLC I'm not sure what is on regular programming anymore.

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