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September 29, 2005



I found myself addicted to Lost by the end of the last season! Let's hope TVNZ gets hold of this series quickly before I start reading spoilers off the internet and telling my husband "I know what happens to such-and-such tonight." Apparently this habit is very annoying.


Last I heard Scrubs is supposed to come back at mid season.

dr. dave

The conflicting shows finally led us to buy a SECOND TIVO!! The one in the bedroom doesn't get used that often... one or two shows a week, but WHO CARES?? MORE GADGETS IS BETTER!!!!


Fi is correct...Scrubs is being held until mid-season, but it's going back into production soon (unless it already has...what day is this again?) so they can use it to fill a hole if one of their few remaining half-hour shows tanks before mid-season.


Oh, darn, the name of the commenter is below the comment, not above, so what I meant was "Huts is correct." Sorry.

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