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September 19, 2005



1. I am extremely anal about opening those "press and pull" things correctly. Yes, they are a pain!

2. No - I do the same when I send out an Evite.

3. I say, if you don't like your own blog, yet still update nearly daily, you have far more other issues to worry about than the verbiage on your sidebar! OF COURSE, we all like our own blogs. THAT's the point! :-)

4. In a rare moment of actual channel surfing (something I normally don't do) I caught the last few moments of the Emmy's and as usual, was disgusted with the winners (Arrested Dev, Jason Bateman, Deadwood and Ian McShane got $CREWED). That's why I don't generally watch the Emmy's.

5. Will your band be playing at your get-together coming up? I'd like to finally hear you guys!

Joy Des Jardins

I have to agree....S. Epatha Merkerson's "speech lost down the cleavage" was great! I also thought Deadwood and Ian McShane got jipped, although I have to be honest...I DO like James Spader in Boston Legal. And....I see your updated blogroll...thanks so much Jane.


Cagey - Yes, my band is playing at our annual party. We may not have very many songs ready, but we'll play what we have.

Joy - I agree that Deadwood deserved "Best Drama" and I was torn between Ian McShane and Hugh Laurie for Best Dramatic Actor. I couldn't believe both were overlooked.

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