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September 23, 2005



I have a wood-burning stove which, when we first installed it, was mostly for aesthetics. But recently we have used it to heat half of our old house - and we close off the half we don't use (extra bedroom & storage) - to supplement our oil heat. Anyway, it was a lot of fun getting a cord of wood delivered and stacking it all - but it should save us a bundle on heating oil this year. Yeah, I'm starting to stock up on macaroni again, I think the winter is going to be tough.

Keith Povall

Jane, I usually tease you, but this time I applaud your common sense.

Try living in the UK with petrol pries always exhorbitantly high and local taxes and energy bills soaring... I'd leave this country tomorrow for a better cheaper lifestyle. KP


I freaked when I got only a 100 gallons of heating fuel last week and it cost $255. A 100 gallons lasts us about 3 weeks in the dead of the winter. Yikes! We are looking at cutting back every where we can, too. I get to keep internet and phone and H gets to keep cable TV. He's looking at a dish though.


I'm sorry....give...up....cable?!?!


Maybe it won't save a ton, but that kind of stuff really adds up over the course of a month. I was pleasantly shocked at how much money I saved once I started making slightly dreary but not-too-painful sacrifices like limiting meals out, making coffee at home, and going to the barber college instead of the superfancy salon.

Joy Des Jardins

Jane, I've thought of all the same categories you mentioned as far as cutting back to save $$. It's frightening to think where this is all going. I'm dreading the winter months and the Gas bills. I'd hate to give up my cable, but that is definitely a possibility...same with eating out. Thanks for the jolt of reality...


We are making v. similar budget cuts.


The only thing more scary about fuel and heating prices this winter is what might happen next summer and the NEXT winter.

I'm thinking this isn't so 'temporary' anymore, and you aren't the only one re-evaluating the household budget to try and make it all work out. I've told the kids we're only going to eat every other day from now on.

(just kidding about that last bit)

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