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September 27, 2005



I am HORRIBLE with names, too! Ironically, yours is so unusual, I had no trouble remembering YOURS when I first started meeting the Gang.

My husband has this freaky, creepy skill with names and will use a person's name constantly in conversation with them (i.e. when eating out, he calls the wait staff by their name). After nearly every business trip, he comes back with a story that begins "I met this guy/lady named....."


When someone has a name tag on, I try to use their name once when saying "thanks" but that's about it. It actually unnerves me when someone uses my name too much in conversation. I have a good friend that does this and I think "Why does she keep saying my name?". Also, my husband is trained!! When I introduce HIM to someone and don't say their name, it's his cue to say "I'm sorry, what was your name?" And as Jane said...then we all know!


Pharmgirl - YES, I agree that my husband has probably un-nerved more than a few waiters with his "name calling". LOL


And then there was that guy at work who kept mispronouncing your name, no matter how many times he was corrected. How hard is it to pronounce Jane, anyway?

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